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Cleansol BC


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Description and Use:

Cleansol BC is a different concept in house washing. Utilizing the unique “Shine System”, your painted siding or gutters will look as good after washing as they did when new. It will also be protected from environmental damage and will clean more easily. This is just the beginning of the benefits that regular use of Cleansol BC will provide. In addition, it will remove all stains from gutters, generate great deck cleaning results, super fast rinsing, and provide spot free drying and complete safety on paint, glass, and plants. Another benefit of Cleansol BC is that it will remove virtually any dirt, soil, or stain that is on a painted surface. This soap will rinse freely even if it dries on the surface. The product works equally well hot or cold but should not exceed 120° Fahrenheit. Cleansol BC is biodegradable and very safe for people even though it is a powerful cleaner.

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*Brushless, powerful, biodegradable.
*Protects from environmental damage and can dry on surface.


*Does not removed deep mold and mildew staining, Britenol would be the product to use
*Polished aluminum could be whitened or browned by the soap. In this situation, Britenol can be used safely.

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1gal-$24.00, 5gal-$92.00


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