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NMD 80

NMD 80


New Masonry Detergent

Description and use

NMD80 is a detergent based solution designed for the express purpose of safe but effective cleaning of new masonry structures. The detergent boost to the product enables you to use fewer applications than normal and work comfortably around other people as there is little to no odor or sting with the product. NMD80 is also milder to your equipment because it is less corrosive in nature. Used as described, in the directions, there should be no significant impact on the plants or soils of the job site but protecting landscape should be taken. NMD80 is safe for virtually any
type of brick, block, stone, or pre-cast. Always use a test patch to determine dilutions and appropriateness. NMD80 will solve a host of problems including efflorescence, lime putty, and most mineral stains.

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* Increase square foot production
* Reduce labor cost per square foot.
* Reduce setup costs.
* Reduce Do-Overs.
* Reduce Chemical Costs.
* Safe on Glass.
* Will not harm anodized.
* Improves productivity.
* Reduces liability.

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1gal-$20.00, 5gal-$70.00

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