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    Sure Klean® Weather Seal Siloxane WB Concentrate is a concentrated water repellent designed for dilution with fresh water at the job site. This solvent-free blend of silanes and oligomeric alkoxysiloxanes mixes easily with water to produce a penetrating water repellent ideal for application to dense or porous masonry surfaces. An effective alternative to conventional solvent-based silanes or siloxanes, Siloxane WB penetrates and chemically bonds deep within the masonry substrate to provide long-lasting protection against water-related staining or deterioration. Will not darken, produce a surface film or

  • Basic Uses

    • SilPruf SCS2000 sealant & adhesive is useful as a weatherproofing
    material when sealing between dissimilar or similar
    materials in either new or remedial glazing and sealing
    • SilPruf SCS2000 sealant & adhesive is useful as a weatherproofing
    sealant at window perimeters and punched openings.
    • SilPruf SCS2000 sealant & adhesive is useful as a structural
    glazing adhesive (project review required).
    • SilPruf SCS2000 sealant & adhesive has been sucessfully
    tested in protective glazing designs and may be considered
    a candidate for such applications.
    • SilPruf SCS2000 sealant & adhesive is useful as an adhesive
    in panel stiffener applications.
    • SilPruf SCS2000 sealant & adhesive is useful for adhering
    GE UltraSpan US1100 pre-cured silicone weatherstrip
    product line.


    Consolideck® SLX100™ Water & Oil Repellent combines water and oil repellency on most substrates to prevent staining by waterborne and oily substances. This modified “neat” silane system offers invisible protection and low volatility. The small molecular structure of SLX100™ allows for maximum penetration at coverage rates higher than that of conventional silanes. Depth of penetration is controlled by the application rate (loading rate). This makes SLX100™ ideal for protecting concrete. Additionally, SLX100™ forms an effective chloride screen that reduces surface erosion and corrosion of rebar in reinforced concrete

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    Description and Use

    Stripper Cream is a thickened multilayer paint remover with excellent consistency and coverage that enables it to be sprayed, rolled, or brushed. The stripper is ready to use right out of the container. The cream has a very pleasant odor and is easy to work with for the professional. This is a highly caustic product when applied to paint, it will not dry out or leave a powder residue on the surface. As a paste, the paint may be scraped off mostly intact. This product can remain on the surface a day without drying out. Stripper Cream when diluted with water makes an excellent graffiti remover. With proper neutralization with NMD 80, Stripper Cream is excellent for wood stripping and repainting. Alkyd enamels can be stripped using a two-step process. First apply Stripsol while still wet, and then apply Stripper Cream. Stripper Cream is also great at removing heavy dimensional black crust on limestone.

  • 10″ Wide Synthetic Brush. Bristles are dense and flagged to hold the maximum amount of liquid. Lightweight block accepts tapered and threaded poles. Great for Acid and detergent washing.


    Sure Klean® Vana Trol® is a concentrated acidic cleaner for new masonry surfaces that are subject to vanadium, manganese and other metallic stains. Vana Trol® is designed to simplify rinsing and reduces potential for efflorescence.

  • Description & Use

    Sure Klean® White Scum Remover removes salt scums (carbonates and sulfates) from clay brick and tile surfaces. Properly applied, this blend of inorganic and mild organic acids and special wetting agents and inhibitors, safely and easily removes salt scum without discoloring or altering the surface.
    White scum (insoluble salts) is a thin film of hard white/gray deposits formed on the face of the brick or tile. White scum is not the water-soluble, white efflorescence that can normally be brushed away or easily washed off the surface with standard cleaners or a proprietary Sure Klean® cleaner. White Scum is insoluble in water and most acid cleaning solutions.

    ® Wide Joint Seal is a pre-factory cured strip of silicone sealant adhered to rectangular polyurethane backer. The polyurethane backer is wider than the joint opening and the silicone is of a lesser width than the joint opening. The backer is compressed and placed into the joint, thus holding the cured silicone in a vertical position and leaving a recess on either side of the cured silicone and parallel substrate. A wet silicone sealant is caulked and tooled into the recess bridging the cured silicone and the interface of the parallel substrate.

  • 101 Masonry Restorer Super Concentrate is a combination of acids and a biodegradable detergent creating a powerful cleaner for masonry surfaces.

  • Sure Klean® 600 Detergent is a general purpose, concentrated acidic cleaner for brick, tile and concrete surfaces. 600 Detergent dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt quickly, leaving the masonry clean and uniform with no acid burning or streaking.Advantages

Showing 65–77 of 77 results