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  • Large Bowtie mixing paddle. Heavy duty paddle requires 1/2″ drill.


    Sure Klean Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment is a modified siloxane water repellent developed for limestone, marble and most other traditional masonry surfaces. Natural Stone Treatment penetrates deeply to provide long-lasting protection without altering the natural appearance of the substrate. Unlike conventional siloxane water repellents, Natural Stone Treatment is modified for effectiveness on most limestone, marble and other calcareous surfaces. This product provides water repellent protection superior to more common silane, siloxane, acrylic or metallic stearate water repellents. Natural Stone Treatment reduces the severity of biological staining common to regions with high relative humidity. Treated surfaces resist dark staining and degradation caused by fungal growth, mold and mildew.

  • New Masonry Detergent

    Description and use

    NMD80 is a detergent based solution designed for the express purpose of safe but effective cleaning of new masonry structures. The detergent boost to the product enables you to use fewer applications than normal and work comfortably around other people as there is little to no odor or sting with the product. NMD80 is also milder to your equipment because it is less corrosive in nature. Used as described, in the directions, there should be no significant impact on the plants or soils of the job site but protecting landscape should be taken. NMD80 is safe for virtually any
    type of brick, block, stone, or pre-cast. Always use a test patch to determine dilutions and appropriateness. NMD80 will solve a host of problems including efflorescence, lime putty, and most mineral stains.

  • NR-201 is a one part self-leveling, moisture-curing, isocyanate free sealant based on a unique hybrid STPU (Silyl-Terminated Poly Urethane) differentiating it from the standard urethane-based sealant.The silicone/urethane hybrid chemistry utilized by the NR-201 formula allows for a low odor,
    non-yellowing, one-part, moisture-curing, STPU sealant. It can be used in small-to-medium width interior or exterior horizontal joints in plazas, malls, patios, swimming pool decks, meat and poultry plants, traffic loop sealants, copings, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and garages.

    As seen in use on www.masterhandyman.com by Glen Haege



    Stand Off® Oil and Grease Stain Remover is a poultice cleaner for pulling stubborn oil and grease stains out of pavers, concrete, stone and other porous surfaces. Just pour Oil & Grease Stain Remover on the embedded stain. It spreads out to make an instant poultice – no mixing, troweling, plastic covering or tape needed. As the poultice dries, it pulls the contaminants out of the substrate, capturing them in its highly absorbent blend of batter-thick surfactants, solvents and powders. After a 5-8 hour dwell, simply sweep up the dried poultice and its absorbed contaminants for easy disposal.


    Description and Use

    ONE RESTORE is a breakthrough detergent that provides remarkable versatility, cleaning power and safety all in one product. It is capable of removing the deepest biological and pollution stains, and mineral and metal oxide stains from a wide variety of surfaces. It is an effective coating remover and safely cleans glass and anodized aluminum when used as directed. One RESTORE won’t damage or change the color of any of the substrates it is used on. One RESTORE is a great choice for cleaning historic buildings as well as modern facilities such as colleges, schools, hospitals and other government and public facilities where safety is an issue. With its spray-on/spray-off application process, One RESTORE will save hours of cleaning time versus the traditional bucket and brush method.

  • Orange cones for Albion caulking guns. 235-3 (Also fits Newborn)

  • A well fitted Knit glove with rubberized palm and fingers for exceptional grip, even when wet.


    Sure Klean® Restoration Cleaner is a concentrated compound formulated as a “carbon solubilizer.” Used properly, it cleans brick, granite, sandstone, terra cotta, many exposed aggregate surfaces and other masonry except limestone, marble or concrete. This product has been safely and effectively used to clean historic structures throughout the United States and Canada. Restoration Cleaner, when properly used, is safer and less expensive than sandblasting or steam cleaning. Application to masonry surfaces loosens and dissolves dirt, paint oxidation, carbon buildup and other atmospheric pollutants. A simple cold-water rinse removes unsightly stains

  • DIEDRICH SALT-BLOC is an all purpose deeply penetrating siloxane water repellent and chloride barrier for concrete and masonry. Diedrich SALT-BLOC is formulated to react chemically with the silica in the substrate resulting in a hydrophobic reaction. Diedrich SALT-BLOC protects against the intrusion of moisture causing efflorescence, leaching, mildew, atmospheric staining, chemical attack of chloride salts thus reducing rebar and wire mesh corrosion, and freeze/thaw
    spalling. Diedrich SALT-BLOC has excellent resistance to acids and alkalis and is resistant to the detrimental effects of acid rain and carbon buildups. Diedrich SALT-BLOC is ideal for use on horizontal surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, concrete and brick pavers and tiles. Diedrich
    SALT-BLOC may also be used on retaining walls, bridge pilings and other vertical applications. Diedrich SALT-BLOC protects against deepseated stains caused by mud splashes and other waterborne contaminants. Diedrich SALT-BLOC proves highly effective in coastal area in protecting surfaces from airborne salts

  • Basic Uses

    • Sanitary SCS1700 silicone sealant is useful as a seal around
    bathtubs, shower stalls, wall fixtures, sinks, and other
    bathroom fixtures including countertops, soap fixtures,
    air dryers and drains.
    • Sanitary SCS1700 silicone sealant is useful for grouting and
    bedding some ceramic tiles.
    • Sanitary SCS1700 silicone sealant is useful in interior and
    exterior applications for areas prone to mold and mildew.

  • • Contractors SCS1000 sealant is useful in general purpose
    sealing and glazing applications to glass and painted metal
    • Contractors SCS1000 sealant is useful as a formed-in-place
    rubber gasket seal on a variety of materials and for sealing
    of: sheet metal, skylights, HVAC componentry, glass block,
    metal/plastic signs and marine hardware.
    • Contractors SCS1000 sealant is useful for bedding and grouting
    of bathroom and kitchen tiles.
    • Contractors SCS1000 sealant is useful as a seal around bathroom
    fixtures and countertops, air dryers and drains.When
    mold and mildew resistance is desired, consider Sanitary

  • Product Description

    SilGlaze II SCS2800 silicone glazing sealant is a one-part, neutral, fast cure, medium modulus silicone sealant that develops significant green strength in the early cure hours. SilGlaze II SCS2800 silicone glazing sealant may be an excellent candidate for use as a bedding seal in the construction of residential and commercial doors and windows as well as a general-purpose weather and glazing sealant in new or remedial applications.


    Sure Klean® Weather Seal Siloxane PD (predilute) is a ready-to-use, water-based silane/siloxane water repellent for concrete and most masonry and stucco surfaces. Siloxane PD will not impair the natural breathing characteristics of treated surfaces. It helps masonry resist cracking, spalling, staining and other damage related to water intrusion. Low odor and alkaline stable, Siloxane PD is ideal for field and in-plant application.

Showing 49–64 of 77 results