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  • For sealing expansion and control joints in precast concrete panels and metal curtainwalls, natural stones, perimeter sealing of doors and windows, and other building components.

  • Pecora 890FTS (Field Tintable Silicone) is designed primarily for sealing expansion and control joints in precast concrete panels, architectural and natural stone, metal curtain walls, sealing of door and window perimeters, Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) and numerous other
    applications requiring a high-performance sealant. It adheres tenaciously to concrete, natural stone, masonry, steel, fluoropolymer and powder coated aluminum, wood, vinyl and many plastics, generally without need for a primer, and performs equally well in new or remedial construction.
    Compared to Pecora 890, the 890FTS offers the added versatility of field tinting through the use of our universal color packs.

  • Manufacturer Nmae :Pecora
    • AC-20®’s elastomeric properties make it an excellent sealant for caulking interior concrete joints, hollow core ceiling and floor planks, window and door frames, vinyl, aluminum, steel and plywood siding, sheetrock, baseboards and bathroom and kitchen fixtures. It may be used to grout marble and ceramic tile, repair mortar joints, and, under controlled conditions, to bed insulated glass units and storm windows.

  • Dynaflex™ SC is a tamper resistant security sealant. It can be used for interior expansion and control joints, window and door perimeter joints, protrusions and penetrations, vents, around fixtures and in other interior joints or openings of any kind (masonry-to-masonry, masonry-to-metal, or metal-to-metal) requiring a sealant. Also, Dynaflex™ SC has good adhesion to polycarbonate sheet for interior security glazing; however, priming is required.

    Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid is based
    on a unique hybrid STPU (silylterminated
    differentiating it from the
    standard Dynatrol® I-XL
    urethane-based sealant. The
    STPU chemistry utilized by the
    Dynatrol® I-XL Hybrid formula
    allows for a low odor, nonstaining,
    non-yellowing, onepart,
    moisture curing, gun-grade,
    isocyanate free sealant. It has
    been developed specifically for
    sealing dynamic joints between
    dissimilar materials, of varying
    coefficients of expansion and
    contraction on both porous
    and non-porous surfaces. It
    cures to a low modulus rubber
    with extraordinary adhesion,
    capable of accommodating joint
    movement of ±50% of the original
    joint width. It does not yellow,
    crack or craze on long term
    exposure to UV light.

  • Dynatrol® II is designed for use in expansion and control joints in precast panels, tilt walls and curtainwalls; bedding panels, coping joints, window and door perimeters, glazing, acoustical and firestopping applications. Its wide color range and low modulus make it highly effective in exterior insulated finish systems (EIFS). It is available in a neutral base for tinting, or pre-tinted to a Limestone color.

  • • For sealing traffic-bearing expansion joints in parking decks and ramps, driveways,highway, bridge approaches, stadiumsand industrial flooring.

    • For sealing horizontal joints in sidewalks,terraces, pedestrian plazas and malls, patios, swimming pool decks and copings.

  • Synthacalk™ GC2+ is a two part, polysulfide, non sag sealant that maintains an effective bond between materials of similar or dissimilar porosities, surface texture, or expansion coefficients.Typical applications include swimming pools, fountains, cooling towers, fuel and chemical storage tanks, wastewater treatment and petrochemical plants.

  • NR-201 is a one part self-leveling, moisture-curing, isocyanate free sealant based on a unique hybrid STPU (Silyl-Terminated Poly Urethane) differentiating it from the standard urethane-based sealant.The silicone/urethane hybrid chemistry utilized by the NR-201 formula allows for a low odor,
    non-yellowing, one-part, moisture-curing, STPU sealant. It can be used in small-to-medium width interior or exterior horizontal joints in plazas, malls, patios, swimming pool decks, meat and poultry plants, traffic loop sealants, copings, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and garages.

    As seen in use on www.masterhandyman.com by Glen Haege


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