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Eaco Chem

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  • This product is designed as a pre-soak softener to facilitate quick removal of heavy calcite deposits on block, brick or concrete. It must be followed by NMD 80 and /or Effortless.

  • Description and Use:

    Cleansol BC is a different concept in house washing. Utilizing the unique “Shine System”, your painted siding or gutters will look as good after washing as they did when new. It will also be protected from environmental damage and will clean more easily. This is just the beginning of the benefits that regular use of Cleansol BC will provide. In addition, it will remove all stains from gutters, generate great deck cleaning results, super fast rinsing, and provide spot free drying and complete safety on paint, glass, and plants. Another benefit of Cleansol BC is that it will remove virtually any dirt, soil, or stain that is on a painted surface. This soap will rinse freely even if it dries on the surface. The product works equally well hot or cold but should not exceed 120° Fahrenheit. Cleansol BC is biodegradable and very safe for people even though it is a powerful cleaner.

  • Description and Use

    Ef-fortless is a soap solution that melts efflorescence and helps to control its return. The user does not have to use a pressure washer or even a garden hose to get the job done. This product is mildly acidic and safe for virtually all surfaces. Application is a simple spray on process. When the Ef-fortless stops foaming the efflorescence is gone. The amount of coverage will vary with the thickness of the efflorescence. With the most common powder type; coverage is approximately 75 square feet a gallon. “Calcite” type efflorescence, the thick, hard and ivory colored, would need
    presoak softener with one or two applications of Calcite Presoak, followed by Ef-fortless and/or NMD80. You need not rinse Ef-fortless in most circumstances. Certain mortars may show a discoloration on drying; if this occurs, simply reapply a light coating and pressure wash rinse.

  • New Masonry Detergent

    Description and use

    NMD80 is a detergent based solution designed for the express purpose of safe but effective cleaning of new masonry structures. The detergent boost to the product enables you to use fewer applications than normal and work comfortably around other people as there is little to no odor or sting with the product. NMD80 is also milder to your equipment because it is less corrosive in nature. Used as described, in the directions, there should be no significant impact on the plants or soils of the job site but protecting landscape should be taken. NMD80 is safe for virtually any
    type of brick, block, stone, or pre-cast. Always use a test patch to determine dilutions and appropriateness. NMD80 will solve a host of problems including efflorescence, lime putty, and most mineral stains.


    Description and Use

    ONE RESTORE is a breakthrough detergent that provides remarkable versatility, cleaning power and safety all in one product. It is capable of removing the deepest biological and pollution stains, and mineral and metal oxide stains from a wide variety of surfaces. It is an effective coating remover and safely cleans glass and anodized aluminum when used as directed. One RESTORE won’t damage or change the color of any of the substrates it is used on. One RESTORE is a great choice for cleaning historic buildings as well as modern facilities such as colleges, schools, hospitals and other government and public facilities where safety is an issue. With its spray-on/spray-off application process, One RESTORE will save hours of cleaning time versus the traditional bucket and brush method.


    Description and Use

    Stripper Cream is a thickened multilayer paint remover with excellent consistency and coverage that enables it to be sprayed, rolled, or brushed. The stripper is ready to use right out of the container. The cream has a very pleasant odor and is easy to work with for the professional. This is a highly caustic product when applied to paint, it will not dry out or leave a powder residue on the surface. As a paste, the paint may be scraped off mostly intact. This product can remain on the surface a day without drying out. Stripper Cream when diluted with water makes an excellent graffiti remover. With proper neutralization with NMD 80, Stripper Cream is excellent for wood stripping and repainting. Alkyd enamels can be stripped using a two-step process. First apply Stripsol while still wet, and then apply Stripper Cream. Stripper Cream is also great at removing heavy dimensional black crust on limestone.

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